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The Fields is a large mixed-use community that features four luxury apartment buildings, 123,000 sq. ft. of retail, and 200 corporate housing units. The first three apartment buildings, Gideon, Turing and Graham, are complete with the former featuring an on-site Trader Joe’s. Conveniently located adjacent to the new Milpitas BART railway station, The Fields instantly connects its residents to the greater Bay Area.

What is
The Fields?

The Fields Master Plan is comprised of four luxury apartment communities, 123,000 sq. ft. of retail, and a grand 200-room hotel. Phases one and two are now complete, featuring an on-site Trader Joe’s and two distinctive luxury apartment communities known as Graham and Turing. Conveniently located adjacent to the new Milpitas BART railway station, The Fields instantly connects its residents to the greater Bay area.

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Celebrating the humble agricultural beginnings of Milpitas and honoring the pioneer in technology it has become, The Fields is named after both the translation of Milpitas (“little cornfields”) and the fields of science. Each apartment community pays homage to humanity’s great accomplishments with a significant scientific breakthrough, award or laureate as its namesake. With that in mind, The Fields honors Alan Turing, Gertrude Elion, Alexander Graham Bell, and Gideon Mantell.

Inspired by their vision to reinvent the world, we’re creating a place that embodies the same spirit of discovery and imagination. Totaling 1,116 residences, these luxury apartment homes are inspired by the past, present, and future of the fields of science and Milpitas’ rich history.




The Fields details what it is truly like to live in luxury, with features such as wood grain-finish flooring, sleek appliances, and designer fixtures in each apartment. Each community will share the same elegance, while providing unique experiences. With 1,116 apartments available for leasing, The Fields will be home to many looking to live in Silicon Valley. Within the next few years, a total of four signature lifestyle communities brought to you by Lyon Living will open its doors. Turing and Graham and Gideon are currently available for move-ins.


Shop & Eat

The Fields will be Silicon Valley’s premier destination for high-end shopping and culinary exploration. Ready to be a part of The Fields? We are currently leasing retail spaces and would love to incorporate the big, the small, and the new.



Fitness, beauty, and everything else. There’s more to life than fine dining and shopping. Soon, you will be able to take joy in finding boutique fitness studios, day spas, blow bars, art galleries, and so much more.


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